28 d’agost 2014

The people's support for public health care

If you want to know what may drive you to participate in a demonstration, just ask the people. This is precisely what CEO report has done with this question:
"Tell me, please, if the following could have driven or push you to participate in a protest or claim" and the options were: tax increase, improving democracy ,corruption, defense of public education, defense of public health care, evictions, budget cuts, the right to vote.
And the winner is? The defense of public health care with 91,1%.
Good to know, if you didn't before. A clear message for any politician that cares about well-being of the population.

PS. If you want to know how many citizens consider that fundamental changes in health care are necessary, CIS has published the figure: 33%, the highest in the period 1995-2013 (p.10), those who think that  some changes are necessary: 45% (p.9). Something should be done.
Support for public provision of primary care: 60%, on hospital care: 50%. Closer data on 2013 by CEO-CatSalut have not been published, my last comment is here.