17 d’agost 2014

Health as a shared responsibility

During our lifetime we are exposed to risks, some of them are preventable while others not.
Prevention is a shared responsibility, individuals and society may affect the course of such potential health events. Today, while reading in the press about Ebola controls in the flight Conakry-Casablanca-Madrid I was really concerned about how governments are dealing with such an outbreak. If this is true and only three controls were really made, somebody should request explanations in Parliament. Individual opportunism may avoid to declare "yes" when they were asked if they felt bad.
Sounds naive. A responsible individual should say yes if he really feels bad, but he may also ask himself about cost and benefit of such answer...
On September 24th we are helding a roundtable on such issues: "Individual and collective responsibility on health". It may be of interest for the readers of this blog. If you finally come we may meet at the end of the session, Minorca deserves a yearly visit at least.

PS. Full programme, here