August 29, 2014

The deprivation of human rights and the health crisis

The  situation in northern Irak is critical. More than 1.4 million displaced people, severe human rights abuses and violation of international humanitarian laws. Those people are in need of water and basic sanitation services. Health services are overwhelmed by this situation.
Maybe this is the largest tragedy of our days, innocent people taken out from home and left without anything.
The answer by developed countries is becoming too late and too little. Have a look at EU press release (20 m € in 2014 while Saudi Arabia 500m $, Lancet says). This is an additional reason why I feel very far from european policies and citizenship.

PS. Must read (please beware of potential conflicts of interest): Updating Cost-Effectiveness — The Curious Resilience of the $50,000-per-QALY Threshold

PS. FT :  " the right to vote stands above the decisions of a political tribunal.”