18 d’agost 2014

Inconvenient reasons

International statistics provide useful information on trends and allow to compare between countries. This is only true if all countries do their homework. In the last edition of  OECD health data, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and Turkey have "forgotten" to send 2012 expenditure  data. Maybe there are some inconvenient reasons behind that. Anyway, somebody should ask in Parliament about the delay and why they are not delivering the statistics..
Beyond that, I suggest a look at internal 2012 data, coming from Ministry. You'll find that there are some countries with 9.4% public health expenditure over GDP, while others like Catalonia spend 4.9%. Again, somebody should ask in Parliament if there is anybody in charge of the situation. I stop here to avoid any misinterpretation. Disconnecting is the right option, goodbye.

PS. By the way, today you can find in ARA a flawed op-ed. Check the current and right figures and the argument vanishes.

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