March 3, 2021

The inescapable architecture of everyday life

 Choice Architecture. A New Approach to Behavior, Design, and Wellness

The contents of the book:

1  The Inescapable Architecture of Everyday Life

2  A Framework for Architectural Interpretation

2.1 Rational Persons

2.2 Architects and Designers

2.3 Looking a Little More Closely at What Happens Inside Phil

2.6 The Architectural Problem

2.7 Phil Can Sometimes be Inconsistently Rational

2.8 How Tom’s Irrationality can Sometimes Help Him

2.9 The Architectural Problem Revisited

3  Rational and Irrational Behavior

3.1 Back to Consistent Rationality

3.2 Anchoring

3.3 Availability

3.4 The Cost of Zero Cost

3.5 Nonlinearity

3.6 Representativeness

3.7 Framing

3.8 Reference Point Shifts

3.9 An Overview of the Architectural Problem

4. Reflecting on choice architecture

4.1 Choice architecture is not a tree

4.2 The Structure of Architectural Experience

4.3 A Few Cautionary Remarks

4.4 Uncertainty