March 25, 2021

COVID persistent public health policies

 In the wake of the pandemic. Preparing for Long COVID 


Policy responses need to take account of the complexity of Long COVID and how what is known about it is evolving rapidly. Areas to address include:

– The need for multidisciplinary, multispecialty approaches to assessment and management;

– Development, in association with patients and their families, of new care pathways and contextually appropriate guidelines for health professionals, especially in primary care to enable case management to be tailored to the manifestations of disease and involvement of different organ systems;

– The creation of appropriate services, including rehabilitation and online support tools;

– Action to tackle the wider consequences of Long COVID, including attention to employment rights, sick pay policies, and access to benefit and disability benefit packages;

– Involving patients both to foster self-care and self-help and in shaping awareness of Long COVID and the service (and research) needs it generates; and

– Implementing well-functioning patient registers and other surveillance systems; creating cohorts of patients; and following up those affected as a means to support the research which is so critical to understanding and treating Long COVID.