March 21, 2021

A value framework for diagnostic tests

 A Value Framework for the Assessment of Diagnostic Technologies: A Proposal Based on a Targeted Systematic Review and a Multistakeholder Deliberative Process in Latin America

Useful article, beyond the title, you'll find different value frameworks to apply to diagnostic tests and their proposal:

Table 4. Value framework proposed.

Clinical Benefit and Test PerformanceClinical consecuences of the use of the test
Test performance
Safety and Unwanted consequencesProcedural safety
Consequences of the wrong diagnosis
Safety of test preparation
Safety of test operators
Quality of scientific evidence
Economical aspectsEconomic evaluation (clinical effectiveness and/or budget impact analysis)
Other costs
Organizational aspects and feasibility within the clinical pathImpact on the health services provision system
Impact on the path of patient care
High importance
Health priority of the health system
Disease burden
EquityNeglected diseases test
Test in communicable diseases and high prevalence
Low access to health services
Ethical and legal aspect
Severity of the disease
Absence of alternative diagnostic technologies
Medium importance
Nonclinical benefitsExperience of who takes the test
Value of the information
Load on caregivers or family
Preparation and/or care
Number of results associated with the test
Test processing time
Self test
Environmental impact
Broader social impact
Low importance

See definitions of criteria and subcriteria in Appendix 3 (in Supplemental Materials found at