13 de març 2021

COVID-19 innovation response

 The COVID-19 Innovation System

EIT Community COVID-19 Response

 The COVID-19 innovation system represents a departure from business as usual. Considering the remarkable progress to date, especially on vaccine development, this raises the question of whether this model is useful only for crisis times, or whether biomedical innovation policy in “normal” times might productively incorporate some elements of the COVID-19 model as well.

The largest funding response has been from the US government. Roughly $14–$15 billion of the $4 trillion allocated to the COVID-19 response was for R&D for vaccines and treatments.8,9 Though this increased US federally funded biomedical R&D by about one-third (compared to previous NIH funding; see “NIH Data” in the online appendix),10 it is small compared with the potential value of these interventions for ameliorating or preventing the disease and securing a return to normalcy