February 4, 2013

Questions without answers

EESRI. Estadística dels centres hospitalaris de Catalunya, 2010

Statistics reflect facts, decision and behaviour of individuals and teams. Every year the hospital statistics might seem slightly similar to the previous one. The 2010 report, just released, splits results between publicly funded hospitals (public and private) and privately funded ones. Since the outlook is so different, I'm still asking some questions:
  • Why private hospitals have a cesarean rate of 36% and public hospitals 22.7%? p.15
  • Why discharges in private hospitals  are 10.5% of total if voluntary insurance is 24% of the population? p.18
  •  Why "productivity" is double in private than in public hospitals? p.19 (31 vs 62 UMA/personal sanitari) p.19
  • Why hospital discharge rate per 1.000 inhabitants in 2010 returns to 1995 data? (p.30)
  • Does size matter for efficiency? Public hospitals average income 85m€ , private ones 19m €.
I have my own hypothesis, however the confirmation has to come from fresh research that I haven't found to date.