15 de febrer 2013

Fresh data

Recently we have known that politicians were spotted while having lunch at a well known Barcelona restaurant. Our crazy world is becoming more unpleasant. At least two options for a politician: no lunch at a restaurant, or silent eating, unless somebody (justice) introduces more costs than benefits on spying. Up to now, spying has been profitable.
In health care, these days is appearing fresh information about hospitals, no spies needed to know P&L data. Data on 2011 hospital costs can be found at Central de Balanços. Those that want to know how money is spent in a consolidated way, can check the latest report. You  can find that outpatient pharmaceutical expenditure in hospitals decreased 5.19%. This is a historical achievement, and pharmaceutical inpatient expenditure lowered 12 % !!!. You may remember my last comment on such data in this post.
Besides a general improvement, hospital deficit in 2011 was 90 m euro, however on p. 36 there is a detailed explanation. Some hospitals account for most of the deficit (5 hospitals - out of 51- represent 64% of the amount of hospitals losses). These details are very important because these are the hospitals where budget cuts have not been effective. May be we can call them free riders? We can't confirm with data available on the report.
If you want to understand recent hospital expenditure, definitely you need to check this report (or mental health report and LTC report) and you'll reassure that the effort to trim costs has been very important, a substantial change in the former trend. Costs are lower, what about efficiency?

PS. ¿Why are there so many wicked  people in politics?. One answer to this question is given by Adolf  Tobeña connecting neurobiology, behaviour and economics. Yesterday I attended a very interesting speach. You may listen Adof Tobeña here in a similar speach (1 hour), or you can go straigth to minute 30 - and get the key messsage-, otherwise you can have a look at this pdf.

PS. A sound criticism towards ACOs, by Mark Pauly. Must read.

The great François Gabart, winner of Vendée Globe 2012