14 de febrer 2013

Clever budget cuts

Disinvestment in the age of cost-cutting sound and fury. Tools for the Spanish National Health System

The government has anounced that it is difficult to apply  new budget cuts again because it would harm citizen's health. However, a close look at this interesting article can provide light to take decisions that would reduce inappropriate care. The authors say:
Articulating the proposed approach to “value for money”, would require 3 basic elements:
(A) The mandate to do it: Regulatory framework
(B) The capacity to identify “low value” interventions and produce guidance on best practice
(C) The capacity to monitor compliance to and effects of “enforced” guidance.
My impression is that light is not enough. Government needs courage for clever reforms, and this means to surpass the existing hurdles. The article explains how. However, I'm uncertain about how many politicians will read this article, and still more uncertain about how many will take the suggested approach.

PS. I should read "Behavioral foundations of public policy".