27 de febrer 2013

A startling achievement


Pharmaceutical expenditure in 2012 has dropped 14,27%, double of last year. That's unusual, a confirmation of trend reversal started in 2011. The total expenditure was €1.450 m, the decrease in prices 8,2% and on prescriptions 6,5%. The exact reasons behind such a fall are known: the introduction of copayments, the reduction of prices and benefits, and the changes in prescription. We still don't know the size of the impact for each factor.
The question is only one: Has this change affected the population health?. If not, why have we had to wait until now to do it? Unfortunately we can't aswer properly right now. I expect we'll show results in some months time.
Anyway, on one hand my congratulations to the regulator -he has finished vacation at least in pharmaceuticals-, and on the other hand I would like to remind everyone that the expected decrease in the pharmaceutical budget was 27%, therefore the deviation is 13%. I said in this post that it was very difficult to acomplish. The facts confirm my prediction.

PS. January data confirm the trend, on interannual basis a decrease of 15,95%

PS. A non-democratic failed state, yesterday voted to block any potential self-determination referendum, although 78% of its deputees were asking for that. This is a clear message for the international community. Next steps are closer to unilateral declaration.

PS. The beloved princess of the king (not the queen) and lobbyist of the failed state in the press. NTA.