24 d’abril 2021

Voluntary health insurance in Europe

 Private Health Insurance and the European Union

These are the topics of this new book:

Introduction: The European Union, the Insurance Industry and the Public-Private Mix in Healthcare

Insurance Directives and the Single Market: Towards a Trivialisation of Private Health Insurance?

Solvency II, the European Government of Insurance Industry and Private Health Insurance

The Uncertain and Differentiated Impact of EU Law on National (Private) Health Insurance Regulations

An Increasing Homogenisation of Private Health Insurers Under Solvency II?

Private Health Insurance in Belgium: Marketization Crowded Out?

Europeanized, Marketized but Still Governed by the State? Private Health Insurance in France

Ireland: The Ambiguous Role of the Health Insurance Market

The Dutch Way: Experimenting with Competition in the Healthcare System

In Between the Market and Public Health Insurance: A Place for Occupational Welfare in Europe?

I specially recommend chapter 9 on The Netherlands. Too often I hear misguided claims over the dutch system. This book will help.