17 d’abril 2021

The world (dis)order after COVID-19


A free book of interest:

Part I. Applied History and Future Scenarios

Chapter 1. Ends of Epidemics

Jeremy A. Greene and Dora Vargha

Chapter 2. The World after COVID: A Perspective from History

Margaret MacMillan

Chapter 3. Future Scenarios: "We are all failed states, now"

Philip Bobbitt

Part II. Global Public Health and Mitigation Strategies

Chapter 4. Make Pandemics Lose Their Power

Tom Inglesby

Chapter 5. Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Path Forward: A Global Public Health Policy Perspective

Lainie Rutkow

Chapter 6. Bioethics in a Post-COVID World: Time for Future-Facing Global Health Ethics

Jeffrey P. Kahn, Anna C. Mastroianni, and Sridhar Venkatapuram

Part III. Transnational Issues: Technology, Climate, and Food

Chapter 7. Global Climate and Energy Policy after the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Tug-of-War between Markets and Politics

Johannes Urpelainen

Chapter 8. No Food Security, No World Order

Jessica Fanzo

Chapter 9. Flat No Longer: Technology in the Post-COVID World

Christine Fox and Thayer Scott

Part IV. The Future of the Global Economy

Chapter 10. Models for a Post-COVID US Foreign Economic Policy

Benn Steil

Chapter 11. Prospects for the United States' Post-COVID-19 Policies: Strengthening the G20 Leaders Process

John Lipsky

Part V. Global Politics and Governance

Chapter 12. When the World Stumbled: COVID-19 and the Failure of the International System

Anne Applebaum

Chapter 13. Public Governance and Global Politics after COVID-19

Henry Farrell and Hahrie Han

Chapter 14. Take It Off-Site: World Order and International Institutions after COVID-19

Janice Gross Stein

Chapter 15. A "Good Enough" World Order: A Gardener's Manual

James B. Steinberg

Part VI. Grand Strategy and American Statecraft

Chapter 16. Maybe It Won't Be So Bad: A Modestly Optimistic Take on COVID and World Order

Hal Brands, Peter Feaver, and William Inboden

Chapter 17. COVID-19's Impact on Great-Power Competition

Thomas Wright

Chapter 18. Building a More Globalized Order

Kori Schake

Chapter 19. Could the Pandemic Reshape World Order, American Security, and National Defense?

Kathleen H. Hicks

Part VII. Sino-American Rivalry

Chapter 20. The United States, China, and the Great Values Game

Elizabeth Economy

Chapter 21. The US-China Relationship after Coronavirus: Clues from History

Graham Allison

Chapter 22. Building a New Technological Relationship and Rivalry: US-China Relations in the Aftermath of COVID

Eric Schmidt

Chapter 23. From COVID War to Cold War: The New Three-Body Problem

Niall Ferguson