04 d’abril 2021

Mobile medicine transformation

THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF MOBILE MEDICINELeveraging Innovation, SeizingOpportunities, and Overcoming Obstacles of mHealth

Eleven topics in a book reflecting current mhealth:

1. Innovations in mHealth Part 1

2. Innovations in mHealth, Part 2

3. Exploring the Strengths and Weaknesses of Mobile Apps

4. Mobile Apps Critique: Heart disease and hypertension

5. Mobile Apps Critique: Diabetes and asthma

6. Mobile Apps Critique: Mental health/Depression

7. Reinventing clinical decision support: Is there a role for mobile technology?

8. Telemedicine: Opportunities and Challenges

9. Patient Engagement must be our Top Priority

10. Security and privacy concerns

11. Designing the ideal mobile medical app