07 d’abril 2021

Connected health

 Improving Access to Care: Telemedicine Across Medical Domains

Access to health care relies on the use of available resources in attempts to achieve optimal health outcomes. It is composed of three main components: entry into the health care system, an adequate supply of services available, and timely provision of care

The article provides some useful views on telemedicine. It says,

 Frequently cited clinical limitations of telemedicine include the inability to perform comprehensive physical examinations, sacrifice of patient–provider relationships, fragmentation of care, and the potential for overprescribing/excess health care utilization. These concerns are often unsubstantiated, and while it is important to anticipate the potential shortcomings of telemedicine, innovative solutions are continuously being adopted to overcome potential barriers to implementation. Examples of such solutions include the use of user-friendly devices to gather vitals and data to facilitate remote clinical assessment, as well as utilization of interchangeable electronic health records to enable sharing of information among various providers.

Overall, the promise of telemedicine seems encouraging, and we look to further examine notable examples of its efficacy through the lens of four diverse, prototypical medical conditions with the goal of recognizing common themes and identifying areas of needed improvement. These medical conditions include stroke, heart failure, diabetes, and pregnancy.

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