15 de gener 2021

Precision medicine

 Precision Medicine for Investigators, Practitioners and Providers

Many topics under the same umbrella:

Table of Contents


2. Role of genomics in precision medicine

3. High throughput omics in the precision medicine ecosystem

4. Infant gut microbiome

5. Paraprebiotics

6. Fecal transplantation in autoimmune disease

7. Drug pharmacomicrobiomics

8. CRISPR technology for genome editing

9. Engineering microbial living therapeutics

10. Organ on a chip

11. Multicellular in-vitro organ systems

12. The role of biobanks in biomarker development

13. Translational interest of immune profiling

14. Organoid pharmacotyping

15. Large datasets for genomic investigation

16. Modern applications of neurogenetics

17. Genomic profiling in cancer

18. Genomics in pediatrics

19. Genomics of gastric cancer

20.  Genomics of prostate cancer

21. MicroRNAs and inflammation markers in obesity

22. MiRNA sequencing for myocardial infarction screening

23. Cell free DNA in hepatocellular carcinoma

24. Non coding RNA in cancer

25. Germline variants and childhood cancer

26. Pharmacogenomics in cancer

27. Proteomic biomarkers in vireoretinal disease

28. Proteomics in respiratory diseases

29. Cardiovascular proteomics

30. Host genetics, microbiome, and inflammatory bowel disease

31. Sampling, Analyzing, and Integrating Microbiome ‘omics Data in a Translational Clinical Setting

32. Omics and microbiome in sepsis

33. Molecular and omics methods for invasive candidiasis

34. Lipid metabolism in colorectal cancer

35. Salivary volatolome in breast cancer

36. immunodiagnosis in leprosy

37. decision support systems in breast cancer

38. Electronic medical records and diabetes phenotyping

39. Clinical signature of suicide risk

40. Machine learning and cluster analysis in critical care

41. Artificial intelligence in gastroenterology

42. Algorithms for epileptic seizure prediction

43. Precision medicine in ophthalmology

44. Phenotyping COPD

45. Lifestyle medicine

46. Precision medicine for a healthier world

47. Aging and clustering of functional brain networks

48. Nutrigenetics

49. Genome editing in reproductive medicine

50. MRI guided prostate biopsy

51. Precision Nutrition

52. Theranostics in precision oncology

53. Precision medicine in daily practice

54. Imaging in precision medicine

55. Organoid for drug screening

56. Printing of personalized medication using binder jetting 3D printer

57. 3 D printing in orthopedic trauma

58. Consumer genetic testing tools in depression

59. The future of wearables

60. Tumor heterogeneity and drug development

61. Smartphone based clinical diagnosis

62. Smartphone biosensing for point of care use

63. Data security and patient protection

64. Blockchain solutions for healthcare

65. Ethical questions in gene therapy

66. Pitfalls of organ on a chip technologies

67. Regulatory issues of artificial intelligence in radiology

68. Academic industrial alliance

69. The future of precision medicine

70. Precision Medicine Glossary

71. Useful internet sites