09 de gener 2021

Business rules

 The Six New Rules of Business. Creating Real Value in a Changing World

1. Intangibles drive value, not the balance sheet: Reputation, trust, and other intangibles—not profit—drive business value and cannot be measured in traditional ways

2. Purpose over profits: Businesses serve many objectives beyond shareholder value. Purpose is more than a slogan; it is revealed through how the company operates and the decisions it makes. Taken seriously, the Purpose signals long term goals and helps the company prevail over short-term pressures.

3. Corporate Responsibility is more than your carbon footprint: Corporate responsibility is defined far outside the business gates—extending through the supply chain and ecosystem to an engaged public.

4. Employees are more than 'stakeholders' -- they are the business: Employees are corporate allies that hold businesses accountable, connect social and environmental issues to business priorities and give voice to risk and competitive advantage in a culture of growing inequality and social unrest.

5. Culture is King: Competition for talent and a focus on innovation and the human element take precedence over capital markets.

6. Co-create, don't compete: When the system is at risk, enlist business partners along the supply chain to raise the bar for the industry as a whole, and win.