08 de maig 2013

Tackling obesity

Integrating Educational, Environmental, and Behavioral Economic Strategies May Improve the  Effectiveness of Obesity Interventions

On top of the priorities for the improvement of public health, obesity deserves a place. However, the tools and decisions to slice its impact on health are still dubious. A recent article may help to put together different approaches:

Obesity is a multifactorial problem impacted by access to foods (supply) and food choices (demand). Neighborhood environments constrain the food choices available to individuals, while complex dietary decisions are driven by taste, cost, nutrition, convenience, and weight concerns. The complex nature of dietary choices therefore requires informed educational approaches that are strategically combined with guided nudges, and environmental interventions that improve access to promote healthier eating. Moreover, multi-institutional  collaborations will likely be necessary to address the obesity epidemic.
Since a multi-institutional approach is needed, somebody has to lead this effort. Is the government able to do it?. If so, don't delay it.

PS. Let me suggest also this Lancet article, my key reference up to now with the OECD one and its update.