21 de maig 2013

Healthcare value chain, again

Redefining global health-care delivery

A remake of what you may already know has been published as article in The Lancet. It could be good as a reminder but something else is needed. The authors recognise:
Many individual elements we have described will be familiar to global health scholars and practitioners. Many lessons have been learned in discrete areas. What we lack is a true field. We need a clearing-house for information about programme design, best practices, lessons learned, synergies, policy constraints, environmental determinants, and other elements of global health-care delivery. In an age of information, the collection of data can run seamlessly from bedside to seminar room and back to the field.
 I'm uncertain about the outcome of such proposal. The details are so important and difficult to capture that the challenge is huge. On the other hand, I suggest to have a look at this Mckinsey Quarterly article that focus on the opposite: against benchmarking. After reading it, you'll notice that competition pressure in IT may not fit exactly with health care industry, and the message may not apply as straightforwarding.
Anyway, we need an evaluation effort to understand those strategies that are able to deliver more value. Now it's time.

PS. I wrote an earlier post about Porter et al.