13 de maig 2013

Aprés tout (4)

An updated release of public health expenditure data has just been published. In 2011, the expenditure on health was 1,330 € per capita, you can check p.9 of the report. Total decentralised public expenditure: 10,120 m €, percentage of GDP: 5.1%. Why are these figures so different from my previous post with official data?
Now it seems that the deficit in 2011 was 932 m€ - a 10.1% budget deviation-, while formerly a lower figure was announced:586 m€. If it is a mistake, somebody has to fix it, otherwise it will remain in the statistics for the future. If it is true, then we have to ask why it was published incorrectly. Was it misinterpretation, negligence or making -up?

PS. Beware, this data comes from outside. Anyway, somebody has to confirm or dismiss it.

PS. Is it sustainable a public health expenditure variation from 4.4% of GDP to 9.9% of GDP between geographic areas with the same tax regime?