May 22, 2013

Death, taxes and fiscal deficit

Benjamin Franklin said: "The only things certain in life are death and taxes.". If he had lived here, he would have added "fiscal deficit" in its quote. And this is a constant since 1986, 8,1% of our GDP disappears and doesn't returns in services or infrastructures. And somebody is still interested in this money to use it for their preferences, and not for the tax-payers.
Yesterday we knew again that fiscal deficit was 16,543 million euros, a 8,5% of GDP of 2011. After 25 years, the accumulated amount of fiscal deficit is 306.267 million euros!!!. Can you imagine what represents this figure for a country of 7,5 million inhabitants?
Every year the fiscal deficit is equal to the sum of health, education and welfare expenditures. As far as a country can't survive with such bleeding, I'm convinced that we'll not discuss it again. Let's put it simply, time to say goodbye has arrived because it is socially unacceptable such discrimination and unfair relationship. Only one fourth of the fiscal deficit in one year would stop recent public budget cuts. The answer is only one: Goodbye.