March 29, 2012

El camí cap a la integració assistencial

 National Evaluation of the Department of Health’s Integrated Care Pilots

Els anglesos acaben de publicar l'avaluació dels experiments d'integració assistencial. És el document d'interès del moment. A la p.60 trobem una taxonomia necessària en aquests casos:
Integration at system level
Micro-level integration – Integration within an organisation aiming to improve coordination for individual patients.
Meso-level integration – Integration among practitioners working in different organisations, often for benefit of a patient group or defined population.
Macro-level integration – Integration of the purchaser with primary and/or secondary care
(e.g., HMOs such as Kaiser Permanente or the United States Veterans Health Administration).
Integration at organisational level
Organisational integration – Organisations are brought together by mergers, through structural change, through collectives and/or virtually through formal provider networks (i.e., HMOs).
Functional integration – Non-clinical support or back office functions are integrated, such as
electronic patient records.
Service integration – Different health and/or social services are integrated, e.g., through the formation of multidisciplinary teams.
Clinical integration – Multiple care processes are integrated into a single or coherent process within and/or across professions, e.g., through the use of shared guidelines or protocols for care of a clinical condition.

Dues qüestions clau, cost i qualitat:
Can the approach to integrated care found in these pilots improve quality of care? We conclude that it can if well led and managed, and tailored to local circumstances and patient needs. Improvements are not likely to be evident in the short term.Can the approaches to integrated care found in these pilots save money? Our conclusions concur with those of Ovretveit (2011)12 – not in the short term and certainly not inevitably.
L'informe és d'interès i és una mostra com després d'un programa pilot cal avaluar les seves aportacions. Cal aprendre allò que funciona i allò que cal millorar. El camí cap a la integració assistencial és llarg i ple de paranys, aprofitem tot el que poguem aprendre dels que ja l'han fet abans que nosaltres.

PS. En Jaume Ventura a El Temps, una explicació pedagògica sobre la crisi econòmica.