November 4, 2020

Uneven human germline genome editing regulation

Human Germline and Heritable Genome Editing: The Global Policy Landscape

Françoise Baylis et al. have made an excellent review of current genome editing regulations around the world. And the conclusion is that there is no agreement on this extremely delicate issue. Somebody (UN) should do something to fix such a mess.

The summary in one figure:

 Some details:

Regarding human germline genome editing (not for reproduction), potentially relevant documents yielded no relevant information for 56 of 96 countries. Among these 56 countries are 22 of the 29 countries that have ratified the Oviedo Convention, which prohibits heritable human genome editing but leaves the status of germline genome editing to be determined by each country. Among the remaining 40 countries with relevant information, 23 (58%) prohibit this research—19 prohibit it outright and four prohibit it with potential exceptions. Eleven countries explicitly permit human germline genome editing; and six countries are indeterminate