March 23, 2020

The market for corovanirus tests

The delays in coronavirus testing can be explained by shortage of stocks from the supply side, mismatchs between supply and demand and from incomplete information about the current offer of tests in the market. Somebody should analyse this in detail and give some explanations. Why there is no international body to coordinate such decisions?. Can the market provide an equilibrium and give the right answer to the pandemic testing?.
It is quite surprising that there are so many companies providing such tests. Have a look at this site FINDDX, you'll see many options, from molecular diagnostics to inmunoassays. Unless somebody can assess current production capacity and available stock, current shortages may be a false signal of mismatch.
Up to now everybody has been talking about PCR test, but you may get right now antibody detection IgG IgM and this could add valuable information. Inmunoassay tests would help to understand those who are already inmunized, though with less precision. If so, we could reduce current social distancing prescriptions after a window period. If those that show positive IgG can avoid lockdown, then this could help a lot.

PS. If you want to know how many tests have been performed up to now, check this website.
PS. Just one minor issue. Spain says that has made 30.000 tests. Right now we already have 33.089 confirmed cases !. Data and statistics from Spain are a complete disaster. It is not possible a positive result in more than 100% tests!