March 15, 2020

Climate change and health

Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

These are tough times for the relationship between mankind and the planet. Therefore, this is a good reason to know better the relationship between climate change and health. In this book you'll find the details on each topic.
These are the key issues:

Part I. Climate Change Cascade
2 Climate Change 101: A Primer
3 Heat Waves and Heat Stress
4 Extreme Weather
5 Vector-Borne Diseases
6 Mental Health
Part II. Clear and Present Pathogens
7 Air Degradation
8 Water Security
9 Food Security
10 Allergens
11 Harmful Algal Blooms 
 Many of these modern sources of environmental hazards share a common feature—they derive from human activity as much as or more than from nonhuman sources. Radiation exists in nature, but its concentrated forms on Earth are created by humans. Industries produce the goods that support modern life, while they spin off by-products that can harm the environment and humans. We celebrate the productivity of modern agriculture, but if the runoff of pesticides and antibiotics pollutes the water supply and encourages antimicrobial resistance, we pay a higher price than we realize for food.
Balancing this tradeoff is complicated by the fact that the individuals and interests who typically stand to benefit from a polluting activity are not the same as the ones who will suffer the adverse health and other consequences.
Global externalities and how to fix them. This is one of the greatest challenges nowadays.