13 d’octubre 2014

The role of Public Service Mutuals


Let's start with the concept:
Public Service Mutuals are organisations which:
1. have left the public sector (also known as ‘spinning out’), and
2. continue to deliver public services, and
3. in which employee control plays a significant role in their operation.
This is exactly the same as"Entitats de Base Associativa" for Primary Care (p.38 of this journal). Only 3% of all primary care teams follow such model after 18 years (11 out of 369). Only 2 new firms were created in the last decade. It seems that there are some constraints on their development but hardly anybody is working to remove such barriers and others are creating new ones. I have always considered that this model fits perfectly with the engagement of the health professionals in the system instead of being civil servants.
In the UK, the taskforce created to analyse the situation has set up clear recommendations for the future (p.29). Maybe, right now we should replicate something similar that could reverse the trend.

PS. Another report from the King's Fund.

PS. Excellent documentary on ebola outbreak, yesterday at TV3 30 minuts, you can watch it until October 19th.