October 8, 2014

Fasten seat belts (2)

Let me ask you a question: Do you agree that your government spends 12% of the pharmaceutical budget in a new drug? I understand that if the answer is yes, you also agree to reduce 12% of current expenditures in patented drugs, reducing quantity, price or the benefit. Otherwise you have to explain clearly where to find 12% of additional resources.
This is what is happening in the UK NHS on new Hepatitis C drug. Have a look at this site for the details. And by now the decision is that it is "prohibitive" and "unaffordable".
Last Sunday CBS 60 minutes broadcasted an interesting report on "eye popping" cost of cancer drugs. I suggest you spend 15 minutes of your time watching it:

Don't miss the details on "financial toxicity" as WSJ highlights. How this can be true?
Nearby, new drug benefits are approved without any known cost-effectiveness-budget impact consideration. This is an example of  alleged "responsive government".

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