May 21, 2014

The size of the private hospital market

There are two sources to find the size of the private hospital market: EESRI and DBK a consulting firm. The number of beds is close to 30.000 in both sources, the size of income is 6.185 m€ for 2013 according to DBK, and additional 1% compared to the previous year. Private hospitals receive 66% of their income from insurance companies. In 2013 it grew 3,4%, while health insurance premiums rose 2,8%. Public funding of private hospitals is decreasing, -4% and private out-of -pocket as well -3,2%. Insurance companies are increasingly funding private hospitals beyond its growth in premiums. Such figures show a clear pattern that is being replicated in the last years. I wrote a post on such trend about three years ago. What I said there, is already confirmed today.

PS. For those that consider privatization as public funding of services in private organizations, and for those that support that the size of privatization is growing, these data testify just the opposite. Therefore, where is the underpinning of the argument?

PS. In my opinion, as I said in this post some time ago, it is not privatization, it is commercialism.