16 de maig 2014

Boards' oversight of quality

Hospital Board Oversight of Quality and Patient Safety: A Narrative Review and Synthesis of Recent Empirical Research

Usually we focus our debate more on cost than on quality. As far as cost measurement is easier, we are able to comment, critise the level of expenditures, wether it is low or high. Concerns about quality and safety should be up in the agenda.And in recent years there has been relevant efforts in this direction. However, since there is no aggregated measure on quality, we have to enter into specific details and justifications.
The determinants of quality and safety are diverse. However, if we look at the top of the organization, board of trustees implication is crucial. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, they are more prone to discuss bugets and investments.
At Milbank you'll find a review on how hospital boards that take care of quality and safety issues have better results:
Recent empirical studies linking board composition and processes with patient outcomes have found clear differences between high- and lowperforming hospitals, highlighting the importance of strong and committed leadership that prioritizes quality and safety and sets clear and measurable goals for improvement. Effective oversight is also associated with well-informed and skilled board members. External factors (such as regulatory regimes and the publication of performance data) might also have a role in influencing boards, but detailed empirical work on these is scant.
Is there anybody nearby boosting such role for boards?