April 20, 2013

Full overhaul needed

A full-fledged overhaul is needed for a risk and value-based regulation of medical devices in Europe

This is exacty what medical devices regulation in EU needs: a full overhaul. The weaknesess of current process have been on the press for the case of breast implants. But this is only an extreme case that has shown the failures and conflicts of interest.
Carlos Campillo article in Health Policy shows clearly the details and examples of the current mess.
In Europe, the first step should be to understand thefull extent of the problem and bring it to public attention.Comprehensive, reliable and constantly updated registriescould play an important role in this endeavor. Secondly,all the improvement measures described in connectionwith both sides of the problem (assessment, appraisal andapproval, on the one hand, and postmarketing on the other)should be urgently implemented. The fact that we already know what these measures are would delegitimize any delay in implementation.
A clear alert for any politician with eyes to read.

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