05 d’abril 2013

Evergreening (2)

The case of Tecfidera deserves a short comment. Imagine a drug for psoriasis, its active ingredient -dimethyl fumarate- modulates the immune system. The drug has been on the german market since the 90's. Right now you can buy this active ingredient at a reasonable price: $56.20 per 1000 grams. Imagine a company that "buys a license" to extend the indication of this active ingredient into multiple sclerosis. The result is a drug recently approved by FDA and sold at a "fair"  price of $54,900 per patient per year (!). With this amount of money we can buy roughly a tonne of dimethyl fumarate per patient per year. Does this make any sense? Is there anybody stopping this madness?

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PS. Why is this information false?. The answer in this post.