April 25, 2013

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Publicly funded health expenditure reached 9,162m € in 2012, although the initial budget was 8,756m €. Therefore, the size of the budget deviation was  406m €(10% of total public deficit, health care is 38% of total public budget), and we have to remember that in 2011 the deviation was 582m€ .
Let's say it differently, in 2012 we have roughly accomplished the budget of 2011 (!) , or being more precise we have reduced the 2011 budget in 26 million .
The most interesting figure is always the per capita expenditure, in 2012 the final number is 1,205 € per inhabitant. A reduction of 2 € if we compare to 2011 budget (p. 45), or 77€ per capita of cutbacks in current terms.
The level of expenditure is right now close to what we were spending 5 years ago. Surprisingly, the size of population also went back to the figure of 5 years ago.(!)
Meanwhile, citizens wonder if there is a limit in the shrinking trend. The rumor these days is that the 2013 budget may be reduced by 9%. I can't imagine that this is possible to accomplish in 6 months, given that we have reduced 12% in two years(!!!).
And finally, don't forget that we are in a country that only 43% of our taxes come back, the remaining amount we'll retrieve it the day that we all agree in the creation of a new state. Then we'll not discuss again about cutbacks in the health budget, because we'll decide how much to devote to health services with our taxes.

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