25 de juliol 2012

No apte per a pusil·lànimes

L'embolic britànic de la reforma sanitària agafa proporcions insospitades. Llegeixo a FT el comentari oportú d'en Timmins i resto perplex. Sembla que sigui aquí aprop. L'anàlisi aprofundida del desgavell que s'ha produït en el procés de reforma, és molt bona -a mess that will be hard to operate-. Cal llegir-la sencera.

Some lessons are obvious. Do not attempt major reform to a service that touches everyone’s lives without discussing it first. Do not hide plans from the electorate. In a coalition, involve some policy expertise when you are designing your proposals. Do not have the hubris to paint evolution as revolution. Do not legislate more than necessary. And win some support for your plans ahead of launching them.
Medical responsibility for commissioning, however, may mean doctors can sell changes to the public in a way that politicians simply cannot. And doctors may be able to challenge poorly performing medics in ways that managers cannot. But in Mr Lansley’s case, the clinicians were never recruited to the cause, and the managers – needed to help make some of these changes happen – were belittled as mere bureaucrats.
There remains an intriguing, if far from likely, outcome to this drama. Precisely because the reforms build on elements of what was already happening, there may be a greater chance they will work tolerably than the critics will currently accept. In which case, the health secretary, a dogged, obdurate man with some of the world’s worst communication skills, may yet emerge as something of a hero of public service reform.
Com diu l'article, una reforma del NHS que no està a l'abast dels pusil·lànimes. I vist el que explica cal preguntar-se si està feta per als ciutadans.

PS. pusil·lànime. adj. [LC] D’ànim feble i tímid.

PS. La infecció d'hepatitis C al món.