February 29, 2012

La reforma responsable dels serveis públics

A Ontario van crear una comissió per tal que oferís recomanacions per un pressupost equilibrat del sector públic a 5 anys vista. El mandat era:
There are five parts to our mandate:
1. Advise on how to balance the budget earlier than 2017–18.
Given the deterioration in the economic outlook since the 2011 Budget, we believe an earlier target for balance is neither practical nor desirable.
2. Once the budget is balanced, ensure a sustainable fiscal environment.
Our proposals aim to keep the budget roughly in balance after 2017–18. We attach great importance to this goal.
3. Ensure that the government is getting value for money in all its activities.
We see this as a requirement to recommend ways of ensuring that all programs and services achieve the best possible outcomes within available resources.
4. Do not recommend privatization of health care or education.
We interpret this to mean that health care must be kept within the public payer model. We do not interpret it as denying opportunities for private-sector delivery of services, if that is more efficient.
5. Do not recommend tax increases.
Although our mandate precludes us from recommending higher taxes, we do recommend ways to raise more revenue without adjusting tax rates.
Government ministries and agencies should always strive for efficiency gains, not only when driven by overall budget restraint or in response to problems unearthed by the Auditor General or exposed by a spending scandal.
 Tasca complexa per a una comissió. Aquí més d'un no acceptaria de participar-hi amb aquestes restriccions. Ara que ja han publicat el treball, paga la pena llegir-lo, salut és al cap 5.
Qué lluny som de la reforma responsable que fan els canadencs d'Ontario! I qué diferent podria ser tot plegat si adoptéssim una visió semblant!