11 de febrer 2012

La meva eina diagnòstica favorita

Avui toca poesia i medicina, extreta del JAMA,

I carry it with me in my white coat
amid reflex hammer and stethoscope,
a tool more potent than an MRI
yet invisible to the human eye.
The basic design of this special tool?
On one end a What, Where, When, Why, or Who.
On the other, to provide detection,
openness and an upward inflection.
It can uncover the diagnosis
while leading to a better prognosis,
encourage patient-centered reflection
rather than health care−acquired infection.
It's easy for any doctor to use,
as long as he remembers this one truth:
what really makes this tool reap the quarry
is letting the patient tell his story.
It does all this without needing consent,
without a patent or profit intent,
which is why the question, simple and true,
is my favorite diagnostic tool.
PS. Demà darrer dia d'exposició dels Impressionistes al Caixaforum.