July 11, 2011

Matèria gris

Applying behavioural insight to health

En Cameron quan va accedir al càrrec va crear al cap de poques setmanes el Behavioural Insights Team, un grup de reflexió sobre incentius al comportament humà per a millorar la salut. El que volia era buscar fórmules per no fer pivotar el discurs sobre els recursos econòmics, i tractar de trobar mecanismes que incideixin en els ciutadans.
El primer document que van treure diu:
In the UK today, behavioural and lifestyle factors are thought to be major contributors in around half of all deaths. They include smoking, unhealthy diet, excess alcohol consumption and inactive lifestyles. The Government cannot address these issues successfully using heavy-handed legislation to rebalance our diets, change our desire to drink too much alcohol on a Friday night, or make our lives more active.
This paper shows how a new approach, drawing on insights from behavioural economics and behavioural sciences, can help to encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles. It does not attempt to be comprehensive or to suggest that behaviour change techniques are the silver bullet that can solve every problem, but does show how, in a number of areas, there are often cost-effective ways of encouraging behavioural change that are less intrusive and will lead to better results for individuals and for society.
Una dosi necessària de matèria gris que tant escasseja arreu als nostres dies i que el març passat m'hi vaig referir..