06 de juliol 2021

The health funding crisis (ten years after)

 Despesa sanitària a Catalunya

In a decade (2008-2018) the nominal growth of health expenditure has been 7,6%, 811m€ in absolute terms (!). If we apply de CPI to deflate such figure (14,6%), then  we conclude that we have reduced our expenditure in 887m€ after  10 years (!). In 2018, we were spending 8,3% less than in 2008 in real terms (!).  If we add a demographic growth of 3,3%, then the reduction in per capita terms is 11,6% (!). This is our "funding" for population health. The nominal growth in taxes during the same period has been 17,8%. Where is the money?

That's all folks, and now you can ask why Catalonia is asking for independence and why our politicians are not answering the outcry for a better funding for health.