21 de juliol 2021

Our fragile world

 Death, Grief and Loss in the Context of COVID-19

Outline of the book:

Introduction: Capturing the beginning of a long journey of loss, trauma and grief Panagiotis Pentaris

PART 1: Reconsidering Death and Grief in Covid-19

Chapter 1. Familiarity with death

Chapter 2: Grief in the COVID-19 pandemic

Chapter 3: Apocalypse now: COVID-19 and the crisis of meaning

Chapter 4: Physically distant but socially connected: Streaming funerals, memorials and ritual design during COVID-19

Chapter 5: Social death in 2020: Covid-19, which lives matter and which deaths count?

PART 2: Institutional Care and Covid-19

Chapter 6: End-of-life decision-making in the context of a pandemic

Chapter 7: NHS Values, Ritual, Religion, and Covid-19 Death

Chapter 8: Non-COVID-19 related dying and death during the pandemic

Chapter 9: Covid-19 and care home deaths and harms: A case study from the UK

Chapter 10: Impact of Covid-19 on mental health and associated losses

Chapter 11: Assisted dying and Covid-19

PART 3: Impact of COVID-19 in Context

Chapter 12: Losing touch? Older people and COVID-19

Chapter 13: Between cultural necrophilia and African American activism: life and loss in the age of COVID

Chapter 14: The biopolitics and stigma of the HIV and Covid-19 Pandemics

Chapter 15: Suicide in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Chapter 16: Death and dying during the COVD-19 pandemic: The Indian context