February 6, 2020

Digital health next to you

Bringing health care to the patient: An overview of the use of telemedicine in OECD countries 

Benchmarking deployment of eHealth among general practitioners


Several reports have been recently released. I would like to highlight the first one by the OECD, it reviews the current state of telemedicine and explains what works. In my opinion we do need an assessment of cost effectiveness of telemedicine, otherwise technology driven change is not enough.
Telemedicine services have the potential to improve effectiveness, efficiency and equity in health care, helping policy makers respond to increasing patient demands and needs. However, telemedicine interventions can also introduce new risks and amplify existing inequalities. In order for countries to maximise the benefits and limit the risks, telemedicine services need to improve the quality of care and provide clear benefits for patients. Telemedicine programmes that do not have benefits for patients are not worth pursuing and detract attention from other more effective interventions.

Josep Segú - Central Park