June 15, 2019

Who is in charge of Pharma R&D?

Emerging Biopharma’s Contribution to Innovation

From the report:
  • Emerging biopharma companies accounted for 73% of the total late-stage R&D pipeline in 2018, compared with 61% in 2008.
  • Large pharma companies have seen their share drop from 27% to 19% from 2017 to 2018.
  • The share of mid-sized and small pharma companies developing novel products has remained steady since 2003, with small pharma developing approximately 5–6% of products and mid-sized pharma developing from 2–5%.
  • Emerging biopharma companies are increasing their pipeline share, because they are the most active in the fastest-growing areas of oncology and orphan drugs, and because they increasingly can develop their innovations without the need to partner or be acquired.