June 14, 2019

The productivity and outcome of oncology pipeline

Global Oncology Trends 2019

IQVIA has released a report on current state of oncology treatments.
The 2018 launch of 15 new active substances (NASs) bring the total NAS launches since 2013 to 57 with 89 approved indications for 23 different tumor types Within the R&D oncologic pipeline, the most intense activity is for immunotherapies, with almost 450 in clinical development A total of 1,170 oncology clinical trials were initiated in 2018, an increase of 27 percent from 2017 and 68 percent from 2013 More than 700 companies across the globe have oncology drugs in late-stage development, including 626 emerging biopharma companies and 28 out of the 33 largest pharma companies
On costs in USA:
The average annual cost of new medicines continues to trend upward, although the median cost dropped $13,000 in 2018 to $149,000, and cost per product ranged between
$90,000 and over $300,000. The mean cost for new brands in 2018 was $175,578, down from $209,406 in 2017, but was above the $143,574 mean from 2012 to 2018.
Spending on cancer medicines is heavily concentrated, with the top 38 drugs accounting for 80% of total spending. Over half of cancer drugs earn more than $143.6 million in annual sales and in aggregate account for only 2.2% of oncology spending.
On value?

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