13 de març 2018

Allocating expenditures to diseases

Guidelines for Measuring Disease Episodes: An Analysis of the Effects on the Components of Expenditure Growth

One of the most interesting reports by OECD was produced 15 years ago. The title was "A Disease-based Comparison of Health Systems What is Best and at what Cost?". The approach was clear, in order to compare health systems we do need to focus on specific diseases and its costs and outcomes.
Now you can read in Health Services Research an interesting article that shows what and how you should do to measure episodes. The comparison between person based and episode based approach is useful and it depends on the goals of research. For insurers and health population managers: episode-based. For officials and statistical offices: person-based
All the stuff on decomposition of health expenditures should be readjusted after reading this article. A hard work forward.

PS. OECD made an update on 2013. Good news.