03 de febrer 2015

Is this the end my friend? (2)

Once upon a time there was a country with seven Schools of Medicine for 7,5m inhabitants. The needs for future physicians were estimated 8 years ago and the time goes by but somebody seems he is not aware of that. Some months ago I said that the organization of health care system as we have known it, was at their final days, now I can confirm that medical profession structure is also in the same situation.
A big and unnoticed change has occurred. In 2006, only 1,8% of resident physicians were foreigners, in 2013 this figure has jumped to 32,3% (!). Does this makes any sense?.
How is it possible that our citizens can't study medicine and we are able to open the system to foreigners without the right level of qualifications?. Who is boosting this?. I explained it in this post some years ago, here and there.
The time to disconnect is coming. Enough is enough!