09 de febrer 2015

Dancing to public accountants' tune

I would have never imagined that the health policy could have been distorted and dictated to by public accountants. Yes, you have heard correctly. European Union and its statistical arm, Eurostat, has decided what is a public firm. And the decision is so anomalous that it deserves a short comment.
We all know and agree that public accountants need to define with accuracy the size of government deficit. They consider what is public administration according to several criteria (p.25), this is their responsibility. However, the collateral damage of doing it in a weird manner, puts a severe strain on the health system as we know it today.
Management autonomy has been introduced in the last decades within the publicly financed system under a myriad of different organizations. Today, the application of ESA 2010 -the accounting rules in place since last September 1st- represents that all of them have to follow the same path and autonomy will be jeopardized. We will be dancing to public acountants' tune.
Management autonomy helps to boost efficiency, even in public systems where incentives are low-powered. Hence, when somebody complains in the near future about inefficiency, we'll have to remember that european public accountants and its politicians have contributed to worsen health systems. Thank you so much, accountants.

PS. Please save this post for the future. It will have strong implications.

PS. This is the end.