January 27, 2015

Psychological wellbeing and health

Subjective wellbeing, health, and ageing

What is the relationship between wellbeing and age?. This is precisely what this article tries to disentangle considering three types of subjective wellbeing:
• Evaluative wellbeing: evaluations of how satisfied people are with their lives
• Hedonic wellbeing: feelings or moods such as happiness,sadness and anger
• Eudemonic wellbeing: judgments about the meaning and purpose of life
Is it possible that positive subjective wellbeing is a protective factor for health?
Their conclusion:
Research into subjective wellbeing and health at older ages is at an early stage. Nevertheless, the wellbeing of elderly people is important, and evidence suggests that positive hedonic states, life evaluation, and eudemonic wellbeing are relevant to health and quality of life as people age. Health-care systems should be concerned not only with illness and disability, but also with supporting methods to improve positive psychological states.
Do you have any clue of how to do it?