January 10, 2015

Collapse and equilibrium in public-private health care provision

The Public–Private Pendulum — Patient Choice and Equity in Sweden 

Circle and the NHS: operation game

The introduction of competition and private provision in publicly funded systems is under unstable equilibrium. The case of Sweden is explained in detail at NEJM. The focus of the article is on primary care and pharmacy.
The collapse of the first privately operated hospital of NHS is described in the FT.
Four years ago I quoted in this post a McKinsey report about how to introduce choice in health care.  The UK failure reflects at least that the government and Circle forgot to read the McKinsey article, while Sweeden has done its homework.

FT Video: Circle and the NHS: operation game
Jan 9, 2015 : Circle, the first private company to take over the running of an NHS hospital, said it was negotiating to end its contract on Friday, two years after it began. Lex's Oliver Ralph and Joseph Cotterill discuss what went wrong.