September 2, 2014

Patient switching-behaviour

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Consumer loyalty is a top goal for any maketeer, and the Nielsen Global Survey of Loyalty Sentiment says that to achieve it, offering the best price is the most persuasive tool to motivate consumers to swap devotion to a brand, service provider or retailer. If you enter into healthcare arena, service prices don't play the same role, mandatory insurance coverage is the standard (in developed countries), and voluntary insurance is the option (prices are relevant in this latter case).
What happens when one fourth of the population (~24%) buys voluntary insurance?. They have two options for healthcare access. The last health survey gives the answer (Table 3. p. 44): 57,9% of members go to private services, 29,5% use public services, 12,4% don't use any service. This is the switching behaviour pattern according to access and perceived quality of services, not price.

PS. I suggest a close look to the survey, many interesting things appear inside. Deeper analysis is needed using microdata.

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