22 de setembre 2014

Fines, settlements and reputation

Reputation Capital: Building and Maintaining Trust in the 21st Century

In the last decade there has been a proliferation of cases of fraudulent marketing practices and bribery in pharmaceutical industry. In the case of US you may check the details at Propublica. In EU we don't have a similar summary (as far as I know). The latest case in EU involves 6 companies and fines of €427m . In China, the latest case is about $500m fines for bribery. This case was started by an anonymous whistleblower.
While it is no surprise that pharmaceutical industry reputation is weak, corporate social responsibility is still supported by the firms. I can't understand why. In the page 347 of this book you'll find a chapter on this issue: "Is there no prescription? Reputation in the pharmaceutical industry". It says:
If the pharmaceutical industry does not present itself in an active and self-confident way, it cannot expect the situation to improve. For, apart from itself, it has no other advocates