April 14, 2014

The Health of Catalans

La salut de la població de Catalunya en el context europeu

Comparing population health between countries allows to understand the scope of the differences. Some of them are unwarranted and others require an explanation. Anyway, it is good to confirm in a new report that the health of catalans has achieved a top level in Europe. The key indicator is healthy live years. As a summary it works, but when you go into details, then some  problems arise: obesity, tobacco, colon cancer, diabetes,...
Comparing public expenditures , Catalonia spends less than other countries with similar GDP. And the opposite is true for private expenditures (p.16). Unfortunately, data is  from 2010 and things have changed a lot, on GDP and health expenditure. My guess is that right now we are spending publicly a larger percentage than 6%. An update is needed in order to know better our current position.